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Kedma Solar LLC

Case Study

Starting a business is hard. Stand out with exceptional customer service and a fun-loving design style. Make your dream come to life.


Kedma Solar was seeking a brand identity to correspond with its company launch. The startup needed a website to guide potential customers through its sales pipeline as well as a campaign strategy to capture market awareness.



Sababa Design partnered with Kedma Solar to create a modern brand identity focused on customer engagement. We helped to guide the company core messaging and identity design through a six month discovery exercise.


Brand Strategy


Identity System Design

Web Design

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Marketing Collateral



Save money, Save energy, Save the world.




Kedma target demographic are ecologically conscious homeowners in Israel.

Social Media Campaigns

Sababa Design crafted a tiered marketing push strategy to promote brand awareness and lead to customer acquisition.

1. Use platforms to promote sales. Focus on conversions with calls to action.


2. Promote the industry. Share positive stories about solar energy, specifically why solar is viable and growing.


3. Share positive articles. Content that fits target audience, such as posts about Israel or sustainability.



Brand Video

The Switch to Solar video was created to inform and persuade potential customers to sign up with Kedma Solar. The video was advertised on Facebook. The page gained several likes as a direct result of the video campaign.

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