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Clinton College Wayfinding System

Case Study

How do you create a sense of place for
college community.



As part of a larger rebranding assignment, Clinton College needed to create campus identity wayfinding and signage to mark the sense of place within the community. The Clinton College campus sign system includes four distinct components. These sign types will take visual cues from
the college’s overall brand standards.


The Clinton College entrance signs acknowledge major entrances, as well as new approach portals. These signs delineate the “sense of entrance” and provide a “sense of place” at strategic locations. Pedestrian wayfinding helps visitors to navigate campus. Building and Residential Hall signs identify buildings on the Clinton College 


Wayfinding System

Environmental Design

campus. The structure on all signs includes a black aluminum frame and aluminum panels to display graphics. The entrance sign consists of an LED message board cabinet below supported on a masonry foundation.  Vinyl graphics are printed on 3/16” solar grade Lexan polycarbonate and fixed to an aluminum panel.

Clinton Colleeg Campus Welcome Signage.j
Higher Education Wayfinding System _Clin
Clinton College Marshall Hall Dorm Signa
University Building Sign _ Clinton Colle
Clinton College Campus Map Sign.jpg
Clinton College Entry Sign.jpg
College Main Gate Sign_University Wayfin



Client: Clinton College, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Design by: Sababa Design

Construction by: Jim Brown Signs

Photography by: Mike Baker

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