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Tortuga Marketing Rebrand

Case Study

How can you embrace your expertise without sacrificing personality?



Tortuga Marketing approached Sababa Design for help with scaling their business to improve its brand position as short-form video specialists. After an intensive brand strategy workshop, we discovered that the Tortuga team should lean into its advantage as young and tech-savvy marketers.


Sababa Design created a new visual identity adding a cute side to their purple turtle. We designed a new proposal system that positions Tortuga as the feel good marketing company that provides digital delight through content strategy and video production. Developed a custom motion graphics package for their youtube channel and video content.


Brand Strategy


Identity System Design

Animation Templates

Proposal Template

User Profile.

Looking at student demographics, we identified several stakeholders, their pain-points and the value proposition exchange.

The project began with a facilitated discovery session with the Tortuga Marketing team. The meeting brought clarity in regards to the brand strategy.

User Profile.

Looking at student demographics, we identified several stakeholders, their pain-points and the value proposition exchange.



Brand Attributes


Tortuga Marketing was established in 2017 as an inbound marketing agency that truly cares about the businesses that they represent. Tortuga has grown from a husband and wife duo to a nine-member team of young marketers, video experts, and content obsessed professionals. 


From 2017-19, Tortuga has settled into a niche of social media management, video production, web design, and content creation for small businesses located in the Triangle. The ownership group believes that their current clients love Tortuga’s ability to increase customer’s brand awareness through impressions, reach, and conversions online. 

An intensive brand strategy workshop revealed that their brand position will not sustain the company for long-term growth. In order to grow, they need to reach large corporations that need help creating short-form video content. They feel that their brand and sales collateral is not up to par with the quality of their services in video production and web design, which has led the team to lose contracts for high profile consumer brands.


1 of 3 moodboards for Tortuga visual identity update. 




The new visual identity represents a knowledgeable marketing company with a cute side. This new turtle mascot has a personality. The head and shell create a container graphic to use across other collateral. The logo also doubles as an abstract camera and turtle combo. An approachable and friendly smiling turtle greets potential clients and stakeholders. The purple-on-purple color scheme evokes the original Tortuga identity while shifting the hue to a calmer, corporate shade of purple. The smiley face is warm and inviting, just like the friendly team members at Tortuga. 

social media animation for Trotuga Marketing
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